What is a Phillly Roll?

Sunflower dal inside nutrient-rich leafy greens rolled in a rice sheet.

Sunflower Dal:
The gooey center of a Veggie Roll, packed with rich staple foods from around the world.

Leafy Green:
The focus of a Veggie Roll. See our menu for carefully selected combinations that complement the unique tastes of each plant.

Rice Sheet:
This traditional Vietnamese spring roll wrapping makes it possible to enjoy this salad on the go.

Phillly Roll

Full Catering Menu

In addition to our Phillly Rolls, we offer leafy green plates (salads), sweet and savory yogurt, vegetable broth and sauces, and an assortment of healthy, pre-packaged snack foods.

Leafy green plates

More than a salad, these meals feature our signature dal sauce on top of leafy greens and a variety of focal ingredients.


Locally-sourced from grass-fed cows. In addition to fresh fruit and granola, we also offer savory yogurts. Have you ever tried jalapeno and cucumber?

Vegetable broth

When you’re looking for something in between meals. More substantial than coffee, our broth will warm you up on a cold day.


We’ve partnered with a number of suppliers in line with our vision to provide energy bars, seaweed snacks, baked goods, and other healthy packaged items.