Wampum Belt


Almost a hundred years before the Declaration of Independence, William Penn met with the Native Americans who gave this wampum belt as a symbol of Peace and Friendship. The two figures represent William Penn and Spokesman Tamanend.

Common Market

Common Market, sourcing my food from local, sustainable farms.


Philadelphia Mobile Food Association, a network of mobile food vendors across the Philly area.

Occupy Vacant Lots

Occupy Vacant Lots, the volunteer-driven initiative in 2011-2013 that helped me fine-tune my culinary crafts while assisting in the development of community gardens across the city.


Community College of Philadelphia, where I learned the business side of food truck operations.


Polaris, makers of the GEM electric truck.

Grid Magazine

Grid Magazine, an excellent purveyor of sustainability- and permaculture- related news, articles and media local to the Philadelphia area.

Sustainable 19125 & 19134

Sustainable 19125 & 19134, helping to promote sustainable initiatives in the Fishtown, New Kensington and Port Richmond neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Marlon MacAllister

Marlon MacAllister, my copy editor, web guy and all-around consigliere.

Greensgrow Farms

Greensgrow Farms, a nationally recognized farm in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement, a sustainability advocacy organization dedicated to community activism and awareness actions.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project, proposing an alternative vision of the future to achieve a sustainable world.

The Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance, a global community based in indigenous wisdom dedicated to environmental and social justice.

Transition Philadelphia

Transition Philadelphia, guiding the city toward a permaculture-based future.

USA Mobile Commissary

USA Mobile Commissary, provider of my truck and commissary space.