Save The World

How Phillly Greens Will Save the World

Sometimes, one small shift in the way one chooses to eat, work or live can be a radical turning point, setting into motion a cascade of possibilities. Like a butterfly causing a hurricane from a thousand miles away, or a single kind word setting the mood for your entire day, it is only slightly exaggerating to say that Phillly Greens may be the flap of the butterfly’s wings that saves the world.

Hungry for Lack of Nutrients

Phillly Greens believes that no one should be deprived of opportunities for health and well-being. Our bodies are the foundation for all that we do.

There are numerous articles detailing the phenomenon of eating a very large meal and feeling both overly full and hungry. This gets at the heart of the phenomenon that author Raj Patel described as “stuffed and starved.” Obesity, rather than being a form of gluttony, is actually a form of starvation. The body is starving for nutrients and craves more and more food. Alongside this tendency toward obesity, a sense of low energy and constant hunger accompany the empty-calorie lifestyle.

The problem in many Philadelphia neighborhoods is that empty calories are often the only affordable game in town. This is the meaning of the term “food desert,” in that the only filling meals are those that leave you hungry even after you’re full.

Phillly Greens Now and in the Future

Now, we are pioneering new possibilities in connecting the quickly growing permaculture food sources to the public seeking convenience in nutrition-rich food. What’s more convenient than bringing food to you, where you are, in our all-electric vehicle?

In the future, who knows? We could be a global franchise bigger than any current fast food chain, contributing to the conversation and network of permaculture.

Perhaps that exchange will be the catalyst to give you the energy to take one step toward achieving your dreams for a better, more sustainable community, nation or planet. Your steps could in turn be one more push the world needs to become what we all want it to be.

What is Permaculture?

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature.” – Bill Mollison

For more information, look at the Wikipedia article on permaculture.


Stuffed and Starved, by Raj Patel